Why Web Series are Better than TV Shows and Films

Why Web Series are Better than TV Shows and Films

Web series has taken the world by storm, but their revolution in India is on a whole different level.

All over the world, the creation of Web series has ignited excitement, mainly because people have immediate access to new content, not just local but international.

But in India, Web series are being hailed for something much more- Effectively slashing away major shortcomings of the industry. And these were not just any shortcomings. They were serious issues that have plagued the growth of the industry for many years.

But the debate still exists- which is better?

Let us see some of the advantages of Web series over standard tv shows and movies.

Less censorship

The biggest advantage of Web series, (an advantage, at least according to the perspective of viewers who believe in the creative rights of a creator), is that the Film Censor Board of India has still not loomed like a hungry vulture on the OTT content in India. This is why many directors and producers prefer the OTT platforms to screen their films or series without the hassles of unnecessary cuts and censorship.

The best part is, there is no need for censorship on OTT in India (fingers crossed). Unlike cinema halls, OTT content is largely meant for a private viewing.

The technology in OTT platforms also allows a clear classification of family content and mature content. It’s easy for those who don’t wish to watch any mature themes to stay away.

Newer and better talent

The credit for the true and just recognition of amazingly talented actors like Pratik Gandhi, Shreya Dhanwanthry, Tripti Dimri, Jaideep Ahlawat, and various others goes to web series. Film Directors have a tendency to cast actors who already have a significant fan following, so as to maximize their box office collection. But web series and movies, with their subscription-based revenue model, do away with this capitalization on a star’s fame and focus on casting the best actor for a role.

We have web content to thank for the greater democracy in talent recognition and awards.

Best Release for Great writers and Better Stories

Not just actors, web series are also responsible for bringing to the fore talented writers such as Sudip Sharma, the writer of ‘Patal Lok’, Gaurav Shukla of ‘Asur’ fame, Richie Mehta, the writer and creator of ‘Delhi Crime’.

Sudip Sharma, the creator of ‘Pataal Lok’ had a conventional corporate job before he quit it to pursue his dream to become a storyteller. He started with penning the stories of movies like ‘NH10’ and ‘Udta Punjab’, before writing the incredible story of ‘Sonchiriya’. Even though Sonchiriya didn’t rake in the numbers, it was critically acclaimed throughout India.

The tragedy of films like Sonchiriya, or creators like Sharma, is that their stories which are critically acclaimed and really worth watching, cant do well in the box office since viewers have a specific aspiration when going to the movies.

But the same themes work wonders on OTT platforms, since it is a subscription-based model, and people are willing to watch serious content on such platforms. Pataal Lok was an example.

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

The biggest reason why web series so resonate with the young and working population is that unlike tv shows or movies, one does not have to wait for them to be telecasted. You can watch them, anytime, anywhere.

The binge-watch culture has led to the rise of more and more web series made in 6-10 part episodes.

According to the points above, it is clear that web series has a clear advantage over standard tv shows and movies.

Web series are definitely the way of the future. The efficient way in which web series are removing many of the shortcomings of the Indian film industry altogether, the entire industry has shaped up faster in a positive way in the few short years that OTT platforms have been around, than in the many years since the formation of the industry.

By far, the OTT format is the only way to ensure the continuous and proper influx of good content as well as good talent in the country. At least for the time being.