Tips to Nail Your Reality Show Audition – Become A Reality TV Star

Tips to Nail Your Reality Show Audition - Become A Reality TV Star

Getting ready for your first ever reality show audition? Pick a song, learn your lines, eat well, do breathing exercises, utter 10 tongue twisters. Your singing coach might already be bellowing these instructions before you started listening. Well, all that is a given.

If you are wondering if there is something you must be doing to have a perfect audition, we got your back.

Tips to Nail your Reality Show Audition

Follow the tips below and gear up to nail your next reality show audition.

Pick a Song that Comes Easiest to You

Want to nail your reality show Audition? Go for a simple song that comes easy to you, or one that you have perfectly mastered. Do not ruin your chances by choosing an unnecessarily complicated song.

But also Choose a Song that has not been done to Death

The above point also brings us to another important tip when choosing a song; it is better to choose a unique song. Choose a song that is audibly pleasing, but hasn’t been used by other candidates. Judges tend to lose interest in a song that has been done multiple times.

Try to find such songs that were popular when they were released, but forgotten for a while. Stay away from latest popular releases. And, of course, the song should be easy for you.

Hit the Right Note

Don’t begin your audition song with a high note, only to realize that you cannot pull it any higher mid way. Clearly understand and memorize the scale of the entire song.

Try to be Interesting; Confidence is Key

Even if its a reality singing competition, the ultimate goal of any reality show is TRP. That’s what they’re all after.

Besides an awesome singing talent, you should try to be more open and confident, enough to have an interesting personality. Try talking to more people and learn how to communicate effectively. In short, try not be boring.

Dress Well, but not Flashy

Remember, it is important to make a strong statement of your individuality- Your appearance will reflect that before your words do. Wear something that makes you look visually pleasing, that flatters your body and makes you look good. The most important thing is to wear something in which you feel extremely good and comfortable.

No need to be uber-stylish or fashionable. You want judges to admire your appearance, but not distracted by it while you audition.

Of Course, Practice, Practice, Practice

This is the first rule, and also the last. We know we said pick an easy song, but that doesn’t mean you would not rehearse it before your audition. Do not take your practice lightly.

We wouldn’t utter the same old ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ adage. But remember this: The more you practice, the higher your chances to nail your audition.