How to Prepare for Singing Auditions?

Singing Auditions

What makes for a great singing audition, Talent? Appearance? Showmanship? 

As it turns out, a little bit of everything. 

But if you want to nail your auditions, you need to convince anyone who is watching, that you are the real deal.

To make things stack up in your favour, you need to convince a few people, just a few people, that you have all the right ingredients. 

It is the first step to becoming the breakthrough star that you have always longed to be.

Here are some pearls of wisdom relating to creating that perfect impression in any Singing Audition

Practise, as much as you can, and more

‘Practise makes perfect’. If there is any situation where this phrase makes the most sense, it’s practising for a singing audition.

Obviously, one would never leave home for a singing audition without any practice whatsoever, but there are some who do the bare minimum, like practising for maybe 2 hours before the show. 

Our advice is to not just practise more but to practise regularly and to do it beyond your comfort level. This is because exceeding your own standards is the best way to reach another level of perfection.  

Confidence is key

We can’t stress this enough. Even if you feel otherwise, keep telling yourself ‘I am the best, there isn’t a single audition I can’t absolutely nail!’. 

When you adopt this attitude, you will see a change, not just in yourself, but others too. After all, confidence is infectious. 

Never enter an audition scared or less confident. The judges will see it, and will not believe in you being able to survive the adventurous time after the audition. Audition is only the first step to the next level of test, you see. 

Just confidence, though. Not overconfidence. Never be obnoxious.

Don’t apologise. 

Say you forgot the lyrics in the middle. And the judge lets you know that they noticed your slip-up. 

Never ever say ‘Sorry for forgetting that part’. Instead, acknowledge your mistake without apologizing, like ‘Yes, I did forget that part. I will try my best not to let it happen again’.

Never be one of the ‘Sorry People’. Such people apologize for the littlest things and ironically foster a mindset in the judges that this is a person who frequently makes mistakes. 

Apologize for genuine mistakes, those that harmed the other living being, knowingly or unknowingly. Not necessary for acts that are either purely accidental has the main impact on your own self and not someone else. 

Rehearse with an instrumentalist 

It is always advisable to practise for your auditions in harmony with a pianist or other instrumentalists. If you just keep practising solely, without music, then during the actual audition there is a good chance that you might be unable to sync your flow with the show’s instrumentalists.

If you can’t find any instrumentalists to help you out, practice with a karaoke. But make sure to practise a great deal with and without music, both.       

If you can, take it one notch higher- Practise with different instrumentalists. This will help you understand the full extent of the scope of the song, and achieve the next level of perfection.

Never let an error make you panic

Remember, if an error happens, no one is going to think of it twice, so just maintain the flow. If you panic and let the mistake scare or agitate you, then people will definitely notice. 

So have fun with it. Include the error in your style and move ahead gracefully. 

Posture and body language

Posture affects your singing, and body language goes a long way in connecting the singer to the listeners. Therefore, take great care of how you present these two while Singing Audition India.

The best way is to consult your vocal coach about it. Ask them what works and what doesn’t.

Also, practise singing in front of the mirror several times a day.

Select something that you enjoy singing

Don’t unnecessarily select a difficult song just to impress judges. 

Select a song that you enjoy, preferably have sung it a thousand times by now.

This will increase your chances of getting shortlisted. You will have enough time to show your range later too. 

Also, when a singer sings a song which is all too familiar, there is an air of confidence and mastery that is discernible. It will help you get the popularity vote.

Consciously breathe several times a day

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This gives the air a chance to warm and moisturise before hitting your larynx and lungs, thus opening up your voice more.

Drink water several times a day

Maintaining a great voice needs constant hydration. 

Cold air and indoor heating and cooling systems can make the voice dry. 

Drink at least 8 litres of water every day. Take a long warm shower before the audition. 

Vocal Exercises 

Begin every day with some humming and light vocal exercises. It helps in opening up your vocal cords.

Dress smartly

Before auditioning, always wear something comfortable. 

When we wear uncomfortable clothes, or clothes that we aren’t used to wearing, we keep fixating on possible wardrobe malfunctioning.

During auditions, you don’t need unnecessary distractions like these. After all, you are Auditioning for Singing, not for Modelling.

Therefore always wear something comfortable.

We’ll conclude this topic, by reiterating our first point- 

Practise, Practise and Practise.

If the other steps contribute for 30 pe cent, practise accounts for 70 percent of your success. 

The musical maestros of the world like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Adele, Celine Dion, Charlie Puth, Bon Jovi…they achieved their level of greatness by their practice that later becomes their experience. Their dedication, commitment, along with their talent, was the beginning of their amazing journey and success. 

The rules don’t change a lot for any person. To begin that kind of a journey, and achieve that kind of success, you will have to put in the same amount of dedication and commitment, if not more.