How Music is Changing, Parallel to The Pandemic

The Covid pandemic has affected a lot of households and more specifically millions of those in the arts and entertainment industry.

At a time when artists were absolutely confined within the four walls of their homes, battling depression, financial instability, even so far as committing suicides, all that was needed was some determination, to reach out or offer a pullout of the abyss to fellow peers and contemporaries. 

Match My [Talent] combined artists and technology and reached out to all such artists who had, in one way or the other, lost opportunities in the wake of the lockdown. This was the beginning of ‘The Maitri Project’. 

Bringing together artists from different genres, talents and walks of life, The Maitri Project united them onto a single platform and created a stage that would help the audience know about the artist and his/her art. 

Maitri Project

Since April, the interactive virtual show ‘The Maitri Project’, has witnessed filmmaker Sonia Swaroop Choksi host a number of professional, veterans and amateur artists as guests. A number of artists, such as acclaimed Sitar players Soumitra Thakur, lead vocalist of blues and jazz band – Midnight Poppies Rajni Shivaram, the next maestro of Hindustani classical music Ghulam Hasan Khan, singer-songwriter Nihar Mayekar, the young unmatched sitarist Megha Rawoot, the most talented independent vocalist from India topping the charts – Sanah Moidutty, Lead vocalist and Indie Pop Band member Shweta Sinha, professional djembe – Cajon and darbuka Instrumentalist duo Ganesh Bojji and Omkar Ghadge, eminent tabla player Shariq Mustafa, pop music artist-producer and composer Jason Ignatius, bamboo flute genius Vallabh Kaorey and many other equally or more recognized musicians, have shared their talents as well as talked about themselves, their music and their choices. 

Maitri Project

Rolling Stone India, the reputed and leading Indian branch of the world’s greatest music magazine and also a global cultural icon, covers everything that’s important, trendsetting and newsworthy to the thought and creative leaders.

To keep the idea of performances going, Rolling Stones India helps and supports several broadcast platforms.

The link below gives a list of all live music sessions conducted virtually on various platforms (last updated on April 24th) :

Susmit Sen Live

Match My [Talent] under the initiative of The Maitri Project, conducted a series of 4 virtual concerts pan-India in four different zones of the country with the reputed guitarist Susmit Sen.

Susmit is the founder and former guitarist of the globally famous Indian fusion band the Indian Ocean. After leading the band to newer limits, Susmit Sen continued with his solo project as Susmit Sen Chronicles and Susmit Sen Trio, collaborating with brilliant musicians and singers for their compositions.

Susmit Sen Live

The virtual concerts were held on 4 days – 29th, 30th August and 5th, 6th September 2020. As far as initiatives go, this was a rather one-of-a-kind venture ever undertaken by an online networking site.

If you are a performing artist, regardless of gender, age, genre or training history, it will be recommended to be on Match My [Talent] to start preparing for the future. This holds true for artists as well as talent managers, or any other industry professional. Match My [Talent] is clearly with a mission and a vision, given its history of building solutions for streamlining art and culture, without charging a fee from anyone. 

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