Our Promise to Performers

You have entertained me on every single day of my life so far. You have made me feel moments that I wasn’t going to feel otherwise. You have made me look within and outside in a way that I would have most certainly missed. You have shown me perspectives that I would have taken at least a lifetime to figure it all!

Yes we know it wasn’t your real words, your real story, or your real moves… We know it was curated, scripted, directed, and edited… But what stayed with us is your voice, someone else’s face, and another someone’s moves and stances… Guess the heart in it, was really yours. Isn’t it?

It is for that heart and soul that lives inside of all you performers, that makes you do the crazy things, that many of us will not be able to gather the strength to do so for money or fame… It is that fear that you fight each time you are on the stage, that does not even come across when the curtain lifts, that we, the common people adore you for.

To you, the most awesome professionals that touch literally every soul from birth to death, we create match my talent.

You know why?

Because as a producer, I have had a tough time, finding a lot of you. As an audience, I have had an impossible time, reaching out to any of you in any meaningful way, and even as the co-founder of this community, I and all of us in our team, have spent hours, just trying to get to you and the artists like you.

We want to make it easy and fulfilling for you and the process has begun. An artist should be spending more time creating and internalizing… And less time in worrying about your privacy, your security, your content ownership, and eventually, your visibility….

The greed is this that, If we are able to create this world, we would have way more originals, way more locals, way more traditional, leaps and bounds of modern, heaps of collaborations and fusions, tonnes of variety, Monnes of you, more you, and more you !

Let’s create this world, performers…