The Festival of Creativity – Cannes Advertising Festival

Festival of Creativity - Cannes Advertising Festival

Might it not be a familiar name, but makes the best of creative talent a worshipper! The Cannes Advertising Festival celebrates the fervour that the Advertising talent always look up to, and openly boasts itself as “The Festival of Creativity”

No doubt, it is an ultimate experience with mind-opening talks, discussions, party around Creativity; thereby becoming the greatest annual party of creative people, on Earth.

On the top of it, just imagine the feeling for someone’s work is called out, as a winner, and being conferred a Lion on the stage, in front of top notch Creative Professionals from around the globe. Even if someone is not a winner, just being at the location, at this time is just so inspirational.

Knowing the creative brilliance going on at various locations around the world, independently, is a worthy experience not less than an exotic vacation.

Cannes Advertising Festival has proven that talent can come from any corner.

Increasingly, more and more entries are coming from around the globe and Lions are being won not just by Europeans and Americans. Over the years, Talent from India, China, Japan, Latam, Africa and elsewhere have been turning heads for their outstanding work. The best of talents often come from the struggles of life. There are Talents, who later share their story as to how they only dreamed of Cannes Lions while they struggled to get their very first break.

“The award section is the litmus test for the best of creative entries every year.”

Since Talent is all scattered across the globe and since describing a Talent is very abstract, finding the right talent with minimum effort and expense is a near impossibility.

The industry as it seems at Cannes is not the way back home. To those who are at the screens of Cannes, a branded college degree would have certainly not taken them there. There aren’t any such degrees in performing arts, to say the least!

MatchMyTalent takes the insight and puts the effort to bring performers at one place and match the similar passion in creating a robust but easy way for abstract searches to turn into real people, thereby making it viable to be found by the world, anytime!

This makes it easier for Performing Artists to not just showcase their art, to the global audience, as the Talent Hunters look out for something similar, but also to get the first big break-through. That One-Break all ‘Super-Talents’ look for!

Who knows who could be the one standing on the dais, in the years to come, being applauded by multitude at Cannes!

Doesn’t it all begin at finding the right person at the right time?