Are Performing Arts a Means to Attain Freedom?

Freedom from disability through performing arts

The air is abuzz with patriotic fervour and joyous celebrations. As we celebrate the 71st independence day of our nation, Match My Talent examines freedom of a different kind. Today, let’s learn from the lives of a few Bravehearts, who, with their talent and courage, released themselves from the shackles of disability.

Ravindra Jain

He was born visually impaired. But he never let it impair him. The iconic music director, lyricist and singer who passed away in 2015, left behind a void that wouldn’t be easy to fill in thanks to his enormous talent.

The son of a Sanskrit scholar, little Ravindrs started to sing ‘bhajans’ at temples when he was very young. Recognising his talent, his parents sent him to Pundit GL Jain and Pundit Janardhan Sharma to learn music formally. This was a turning point in his life. Later he made his debut as a composer with the legend, Mohd. Rafi. Though the song was not released, his career attained a peak soon.

His moment of fame came with the Kishore Kumar song, “Ghungroo ki tarah” from the 1974 film ‘Chor Machaye Shor’. After that he produced a string of hits in bollywood, released music albums, introduced K J Yesudas to bollywood and scored music for the television epic ‘Ramayan’ and later for ‘Luv Khush’.In a career spanning across four decades, Ravindra Jain created magic with his music. As an honour the nation bestowed Padma Shri upon him.

Sudha Chandran

A road accident and a neglected wound cost dearly for Sudha Chandran. She lost her leg at the tender age of 16. Naturally she was shattered, but she never let herself lost her passion for dancing. She got a prosthetic ‘Jaipur Foot’ and continued dancing.

Today, Sudha Chandran is a household name in the country for a plethora of reasons. She is hailed as a model to be emulated, she appears in various TV serials and movies, and she is an acclaimed Bharatanatyam performer of national and international repute.

Over the years, she has bagged many awards, appeared in countless shows and inspired thousands of people to come out and realise their true potential. Sudha Chandran is a symbol – of undying spirit, fierce determination and immense love for one’s profession.

Sukesh Kuttan

Five years ago, viewers of a reality show breathlessly waited for their favourite candidate to sing in the finale and take home the prize. However, Sukesh Kuttan didn’t. An autistic singer, he had been extremely sensitive. That evening, even his doting mother’s presence, couldn’t make Sukesh Kuttan sing. He was, probably, deterred by all the noise and the light in the studio.

A Keralite born and raised in Dubai, Sukesh Kuttan was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. Though he was not able to communicate in an effective manner, he was humming songs. That was when his parents realized that music could be a healing tool for him. Proving them right, in the years followed, he performed at various venues and became a favourite of the audience.

Sukesh Kuttan’s achievements are as much as his as they are of his parents for without their support and constant encouragement, he wouldn’t have been able to scale the heights of music. With the right backing and support, children with learning disabilities can excel in their chosen field.

This Independence Day, Match My Talent salutes these exceptionally great people who overcame their disadvantages with their determination and of course with the support of their near and dear ones. We wish you all a Happy Independence Day. Before signing off, we request you to register yourself with MatchMyTalent/complete your profile/bring in your talented friends to the platform and celebrate your freedom to realise your true potential.