This post is all about the true unsung heroes of Match[my]Talent. They are the ones who makes it all happen. They know Match[my]Talent in and out. From the technical part of it to the user part of it. They interact with all the artists’ day in and day out. If you are on Match[my]Talent it’s because these two are the ones who has held your hand and made it happen. So let’s know them and hear their story shall we ?

Rhea Ahluwalia has been a part of the team since past 6 months. She has seen the various stages of Match[my]Talent and helped make it what it is today. From verifying the artists, which is one of the most important part of the process to solving user queries she has done it all. So let’s hear what she has to say about her experience ;

Match[my]talent, this company has given a lot of exposures to my life in the entertainment industry. As being a fresher I didn’t know anything about the entertainment industry or about this portal but yes now where I stand after 6 months with a lot of learning and I am still learning I can proudly say that I’m an important part of match[my]talent & will continue to be one. The journey so far was not at all easy but yes it was and is very interesting with all the new learning and exposure to the new industry which has been a wonderful experience. I’ve grown up hearing this quote that India is a country with unity in diversity with different cultures and different languages but I only got to believe in it after entering match[my]talent. I learned and experienced that as a part of our process whether I call up an artist from Jammu or Kerala or Ahmadabad or Kolkata, I had to talk to different people with different cultures and different languages but one thing being in common is their talent due to which I was able to connect with them easily.

I experienced that India has a lot of talent which is still waiting for the right moment to come out.Through match[my]talent we’re creating a search engine which makes artist search-able. In my interactions with a lot of senior experience artists I came across this thing that even after working in the industry for so many years now they haven’t got that much of exposure which they were expecting from the industry because there was no organized system for them to reach the employers and for the employers to reach them.Whereas if we talk about the fresher artist I experienced that there are a lot of talented artist in India who are struggling because of not having a right medium to reach the employers or for the employers to reach them. So I believe that match[my]talent is there to fill in these blanks between the artist and the employers. Also, I would like to share that it’s really interesting and exciting when I get a chance to interact with the famous artist of either television or film industry like Utkarsha Naik (Manorama Mami in the STAR PLUS T.Vserial “Is Pyar ko Kya Naam Du”) ,kanwalpreet Singh(seen in Reality show of UTV bindass“Emotional Attayachar”),Pratap Bhattarai (a singer who is a part of A.Rahman’s Team). Such are the artists who has even registered with match[my]talent for better opportunities.

I really hope artists and producers will keep coming up to join us, guide us, advice us on making match[my]talent one large community of artist worldwide. I’m glad to be a part of one such platform. Looking forward to growing with match[my]talent.”

Now lets meet Dhara Shah. Let me put it this way, if you wake up Dhara in the middle of the night and ask her what Match[my]Talent actually is she will tell you with absolute finesse and certainty. She is emotionally attached to MMT and so is MMT as she has been there from day 1. When it comes to Match[my]Talent she knows it all. Let’s read what she has spilled about MMT ;

“I joined Match[my]Talent 7 months ago and the whole journey has been amazing. At the time I joined I was completely clueless about what Match[my]Talent actually is. But 7 months later I am glad and proud to say that I am the first employee of MMT and now I know what it actually is and what it is going to be in the future.

Through Match[my]Talent, I started interacting with different artists of different culture languages from all across the India. When it comes to interacting with artists from different parts of the country, the biggest issue I faced was that a lot of South Indian artists are approached but I am unable to interact with them as I am not familiar with the language they interact in. We have called artists from all over India and I don’t remember any corner of the country that we haven’t reached. And now the target would be, to take Match[my]Talent global.

In the time I have interacted with different genres of artists I have noticed that Anchors and Voice artists are the most easy to talk to and I love interacting with them.

I remember conversations I had with well-known artists but few in particular stand out. Like the time I spoke to the famous Ghanshyam Nayak, known as “Natukaka” who performs in ‘Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma’. It was just amazing.

Next, I remember when I registered Pratap Bhattarai, who is a singer and working under A. R. Rahman. There was this one time when I registered Siraj Khan who is a famous Comedian and RJ. Then the recent conversation I remember was with Gagandeep Duggal who worked as a Supporting Actor in the latest movie “Happy New Year”.

Even though it is going to be a long journey for Match[my]Talent I am glad to be a part of it and happy to know that it is providing a great platform where artists and employers meet. Here is to the milestones that we have reached and many more to come.”

Match[my]Talent is so glad to have such people as part of the team. Their dedication and passion for Match[my]Talent is truly heart warming and inspiring.