Types of Modeling that are in Demand in India – Female Modeling

Types of Modeling

In the information era, India is becoming the next hotspot for a growing business. India’s booming and agile economy is proving to be a real up and comer in the global economy in almost all industries, giving tough competition to her contemporaries. 

Including the fashion industry

In the past few years, many Indian designers have made a huge splash in international fashion. Naeem Khan, Saloni Lodha, Gauri-Nainika and Sabyasachi are all the hoot right now in high fashion capitals like California and New York, whereas Indian brands like Peter England, Louise Phillippe, Tata and Titan have become synonyms of trust and excellence. 

This accelerated growth of India and its behemoths have also pushed the growth of the modelling industry. At present, India is on the fast track to being added to the list of global fashion capitals, alongside London, Barcelona, Milan, Paris and others. 

As a booming fashion hub, India is in line with all the latest trends in Modelling right now. The demand for plus size models, parts model, catalogue models etc. has also bloomed alongside that of editorial and fashion modelling. 

Which types of Modelling is most prevalent in India 

Fashion/editorial modelling:

Fashion Models are those models who are retained by and/or work exclusively for a high-end designer. These models are the most coveted amongst all others and are chosen after careful selection. In India, the biggest Fashion Models are Bhumika Arora, Angela Johnsson and Archana Akhil Kumar. 

Runway Modelling:

Models who are frequently seen gliding through the sleek runway, are called Runway Models. To be a runway model one needs to be slim, tall and poised, more than anything. 

In India, Deepti Sharma, Pooja Mor, Varsha Gopal and Diya Prabhakar are known for being some major head-turners in the international fashion scene.

Lingerie Modeling

Although there isn’t a very compulsory division of models into fashion and Lingerie, usually models who are slightly more curved and/or voluptuous are preferred for Lingerie modelling. 

Commercial Modelling:

Commercial Modeling refers to the sea of talent that one sees in commercials, product advertisements, catalogues, etc. Unlike Fashion, Runway or lingerie modelling, the criteria to be a commercial model aren’t very many, especially in the present time when more and more of the glamour industry is trying to be more inclusive and body-positive. 

Parts Modelling:

Parts modelling refers to the modelling of just a particular body part, most commonly hands or feet. The selection process of aspirants who want to model body parts is also quite careful. A person with extremely beautiful hands or feet (depending on what part of their body they want to model) can engage in this kind of modelling. 

The chances of becoming a celebrity by being a Parts Models decreases, but the demand for such models is always high, and so is the earning potential.

Glamour Modelling:

Glamour Models are the models who model makeup application, so the criteria are they need to be slender and beautiful. 

Print Modelling:

Print modelling refers to the models that are frequently featured in print magazines, billboards, campaigns, booklets, flyers and posters. There is a huge demand for men and women in Print Modeling in India.

Being a model in India is obviously a desirable career now, and a coveted one at that. But becoming a model is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Presently, when India’s fashion and modelling industry is really up and running, just having a beautiful body or being uber-glam is not enough. 

Even though different categories require different attributes, what is consistent pretty much across all categories is an admiration-worthy body, great sense of style and of course, your own unique individuality.