Importance of Documentation of Work for Artists.

Why do you think it is so important for an artist to document his/her work? Well, let me throw a situation at you. Imagine that you are an excellent painter and you keep on repeating it in front of everyone. You also mention that you want to set up an exhibition and would require someone to voluntarily give you some space in his/her office, but you do not receive any concrete leads. While other painters are busy exhibiting and selling, you are yet to get your first lead. Why, it makes you wonder. Well, let me ask you something- have you documented your work? Do you have anything to show to your prospective investors? Remember, investors are not impressed by lofty ideals and path-breaking ideas, but it is the actual job that you have done that prompts them to invest their hard earned money in you.

So, now you see the importance of documenting your work! I understand that it is a bit expensive, because you need a good photographer and a good camera in order to create good images of your work, and a video if you are an actor, dancer or a singer. But trust me, it’s just one time investment, and you should not ignore it because this is something that will help you in getting more and more work in future. Now you know why modeling agencies only look for professional portfolios and not amateurish photographs? It is almost impossible for an aspiring model to get good work without a professional portfolio.

Still if you think that hiring a good photographer or videographer is a bit out of your budget, then you can also take your own pictures provided you know a bit about the lighting and other things. But even then the investment would be huge, because simple mobile cameras are not effective in taking pictures and they are not even impressive. It is better to get hold of a friend who owns a DSLR and use his/her camera to take pictures after learning the nuances of handling it.

As an artist, you should start documenting your work, if you have not already, because it would provide credibility to your name and also proof that you actually have some experience and are not bluffing. It is very important for your prospective investors and employers to know that their money will not be wasted and that you are the perfect person for this job.

Now, that you have realized the importance of documenting your work, how about getting started right away? After all there is no better moment than now! All the best.