How to Get a Role in Web Series – Web Series Auditions in India

How to Get a Role in Web Series - Web Series Auditions in India

Web series have taken the world by storm, but their revolution in India is on a whole different level.

All over the world, the creation of Web series has ignited excitement, mainly because people have immediate access to new content, not just local but international.

But in India, Web series are being hailed for something much more- Effectively slashing away major shortcomings of the industry. And these were not just any shortcomings. They were serious issues that have plagued the growth of the industry for many years.

Some of the most obvious problems that have been, if not completely eliminated, then at least partially solved, is the problem of launching the right talent in the Indian film Industry.

Due to web series, we are now witnessing a spurt of local talent that had been ignored and marginalized before in the Hindi Film Industry.

What is it about Web Series?

Web series are the content of OTT platforms. The revenue model of an OTT platform is subscription based. This means that every new OTT platform that is competing in the market is trying to market itself by virtue of its good content. The better and acclaimed the content, the more people will subscribe to it to watch their exclusive originals.

That means, to make a superior web content, you need a superior quality script with a boffo ending, with a superior cast that is able to deliver superior performances.

Therefore, naturally, the selection process of OTT platforms, whether it be of scripts, or be it of the performers, is top-notch. You cannot hope to see anything less-than.

Which is why so many new faces are coming up and getting an equal chance to show their prowess, regardless of their background or appearance. That is the reason why so many new writers are able to share daring new stories and scripts, the kind of scripts that used to be rejected far too often for big screen films.

Therefore, only the best actors and performers, who are really talented and can really act, get casted for web series.

Hope for Talent

So, one thing that is crystal clear is this: OTT runs on talent, which means that unlike films, web series castings are clear of nepotism.

Therefore, it aint a great mystery that in /india, actors are hustling to get roles in web series. And by hustling, we mean improve their acting skills and/or their portfolio, not their networking skills and ability to make contacts.

Once you get one web series role, all you need is genuine talent to get ahead.

So, how would one go about it, if one wants to be cast in a web series. How can an Actor in India clinch that perfect role, that finally casts them into the limelight?

Improving the Craft

Since being casted in web series depends on just one factor, great acting skills, you may want to maximize this one skill. Improving one’s craft is the surest way of clinching a web  series role.

While it’s true that you don’t need to be an actor’s kid and have amazing contacts right from birth, one thing that is desirable in getting roles in web series is a desirable portfolio.

Even web series directors are weary of casting amateur actors, and therefore they prefer to cast actors who have some previous role, not necessarily in just web series. A complete fresher has lesser chances of being cast as opposed to actors who have at least some body of work that they can show.

Therefore, the best course of action is, keep trying for auditions as much as possible. Ask your agent to forward your portfolio in as many casting agents and coordinators as possible.

Working in web series is a great option for those actors too, who have gained some experience in acting, and want to move on to better roles. Such actors are at an advantage over complete amateurs, because casting directors for web series usually select actors by judging their past work.

If you have done fairly well albeit some work in the past, you can have a decent chance, in fact an even better chance, to work in a web series.

If you are a fresher, be open to even the smallest possible role, because you have to start somewhere. As we said, people with acting experience have a higher chance than complete beginners. Once you have worked in even the smallest role, you can start building your portfolio thereupon.

The most important bit, never stop improving upon your craft. Enroll in theatre, attend acting workshops, record your own performance and critique those reels.

To know more about improving your acting skills.