How to be a Musician in India – Professional Musician in India


In the age of cutthroat competition between artists to be the next big thing out there, Professional musician in India everywhere are scrambling to develop their own individual style and use it to build a name for themselves. But it is no mystery that to be a successful musician, one should have a genuine passion for music, a keen appreciation for any kind of music, versatility and confidence, and of course, the skills to market oneself. 

In any case, practice is the most important mantra that can get a musician the recognition they want. Getting training is one of the first steps to achieving that goal, but it also takes real dedication and commitment. If one has that talent, then all one needs is the right connections- the people who can give the right launchpad to the musician. 

Are you one of those dreamers too? Are you wondering about the best possible steps you can take to achieve that recognition? Read on the following tips to understand how musicians in India have to break in their way to the top. 

Choose a field and commit to it

The first thing that you need to do is to choose a singular field in music. Decide which area suits you the best. Does being a vocalist appeals the most, or brass instruments, or music composition, or some sort of sound mixing and editing? 

Sound engineers and audio specialists love playing around with various kinds of music and instruments, as they are always experimenting with different sounds to create new effects. But as a musician, it is always better to focus on a singular discipline.  

Because each of these different disciplines requires different intense practise and development of techniques. Not to mention a lot of practice, throughout a musician’s life.

Never Ending Practice:

Following up on the above point doesn’t matter what field you take up, a huge amount of practice is universally required. 

Even if you think that you know everything, keep practising. Work on your technique and study music theory, so as to increase your professional appeal. Try to make yourself a bit better than you were yesterday. Dedicate any time you can get to practising. 

Set realistic goals for yourself, like a practice session 4 times a week. Don’t try to become a master at once. 

Evaluate Alternative Sources of Income:

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that becoming a nuanced and recognized musician takes a lot of time. Probably an entire lifetime. So don’t leave your financial fate to the whims of the music industry. 

Find alternative sources of income to take care of your finances, at least till you break it into the industry. 

Many people opt for teaching, working in restaurants, assistants, or some such work. Some people even work as sound technicians or stagehands, which is close to their passion. 

Having a day job like these also helps with gaining immense experience, which can also contribute to the growth of your career.

Save up money to buy good equipment 

No matter what kind of Musician in India you want to become, ultimately you are going to need your own equipment, both for arrangement or production, or for recording. Start saving up and slowly buy equipment over time. 

Your own equipment will help you in reaching a level of proficiency and professionalism that will greatly help you in accumulating that name recognition.

Grow your Network 

This is probably the most important skill that helps you make lifelong connections and get you the gigs you want. Doesn’t matter whether someone is related to your work or not. Keep networking with everyone you meet. 

Go to concerts, college fests, and meet the organizers, stagehands, and everyone you meet. Develop your social and networking skills. 

Does talking to people make you feel shy and awkward. The best way to get around awkwardness is to start with the basics. 

Talk to your own friends, family and relatives. Ask them what’s going on in their life and take a keen interest in their problems. If they make a joke, laugh a little, or smile. If they give you advice, make an effort to listen to it, and let them know you appreciate it. Ask for advice for something from them, even if you don’t really need it. Be a little vulnerable. Introvert people or emotionally distant people have too much pride and feel they don’t need other people’s help. And the more they are proud, the more closed off they get, the more closed off they get, the more proud they get, and on and on and on it goes. You have to show a bit of vulnerability to other people too, in order to become their allies. 

This goes for anyone you want to actually connect with someone. Stop seeing new people as potential connections, and start connecting with them on a human level. Try to think of things that make you admire them. Ask for their genuine advice. 

In time, soon, you will find it a lot easier to talk to other people, and easily able to converse with even high-profile people.

You never know which connection might end up becoming a potential opportunity for you.

Pick up as Much Work as Possible

Never say never to any job or gig, especially at the beginning of your struggle. Even the smallest jobs and gigs which may not have the kind of footfall that you were hoping for, is still worth it. 

Even the smallest event helps you build your name recognition.