Artists,as many creative professionals faces a rather daunting challenge. This challenge roots from the fact that even though there is a demand for new kind of art and creativity, there seems to be a void of some sort between the performing artists and the producers who are looking for such uniqueness and talent.

Earlier, being experienced held quite an advantage. It meant that you are good at your art and there is a demand for it in the market. But now being a fresher is just as good, as more and more people are leaning towards something new, different and fresh. This creates a constant tug of war between freshers and experienced artists where the experienced artists has to constantly evolve or get lost in the abyss of anonymity.

All this chaos gravitates towards one thing, that is, being visible. In an industry where people recognizing you for your talent is everything it becomes imperative that anyone as an artist has away of efficiently doing so. This is where match [my] talent as a search engine comes into play.

Match [my] Talent as a concept makes you marvel as it is an impeccable combination of modern and traditional way of putting yourself out there as an artist. You register yourself in a few simple steps, build your profile and upload your best work. That is the modern part of it. Match [my]Talent calling you, verifying you (one on one) , as well as the producers and employers reaching you directly that is the traditional way. It is best of both the worlds.

It is said that change is the only constant. To thrive and survive everything and everyone must change. Match [my] Talent is one such portal which will keep on molding as the entertainment industry keeps on changing. For the freshers and already established ones. For the artists and the producers. Its everyone on one platform; evolving, thriving and connecting.